Bottlecap Robin (plus a scoop on great vintage dresses)

The robin illustration on this bottlecap bracelet is so pretty and winsome, isn't it? It appears to be another British robin, but regardless, just looking at him makes me smile. Originally from a vintage fruit crate label, he's now perched on a bottlecap suspended between the ends of a chrome ball chain. There's definitely a retro flair to this piece, and it seems to me that it's perfect for the spring and summer. Just $12.99 from Curly-Cue Design, as shop full of delicious little vintage treats.

I also consider it incumbent upon me to notify you that one of my favourite eBay sellers has oodles of beautiful, sweet, springy vintage dresses at auction right now, and all of them are in larger sizes. Let's see...there's this in the cute print with the ladylike scoopneck, slightly flared hem, and wholly feminine but chic look; the white linen shirtwaist dress that would be perfect with any colour belt under the rainbow; a beautiful soft, buttery yellow dress with delightful shoulder detailing; and of course this almost irresistible blue cotton voile dress. All start at just $10, so be sure to check them and the rest of the frocks in the shop out ASAP!

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