St. Pat's Pretty

Believe it or not, despite my being an O'Hara (no, really, I am: Mom's side), the fact that it was St. Patrick's completely passed me by until about noon. It's been that kind of life lately! Of course, as I never have been someone big on drinking heavily, perhaps it's a small wonder that I wasn't quite conscious of the fact.

I find it interesting that St. Patrick, like King David, was a shepherd. Of course, for St. Patrick, it was part of his enslavement, whereas David did so for his father. Moses is another famous shepherd, and of course Jesus is referred to as as Shepherd as well. Like Moses and David, it turned out that Patrick's years as a shepherd were those which prepared him for future service; they allowed him to learn fluent Celtic, the language with which he preached the great message of grace and redemption to Ireland. His time in slavery also doubtless enabled him to withstand the opposition (often quite lethal!) and other difficulties he'd have to overcome in bringing those glad tidings to the Emerald Isle. Funny how God works through even what we see as the worst of things if we are pliable, isn't it?

In honour of the day, I'm bringing you one orange thing and one green one, both from VerreEncore. Both pieces are made of vitreous enamel and fired in her kiln at fifteen hundred degrees. That'll cook up your Easter ham in a hurry (anyone else think it's rather amusing that many of us eat a form of pig on Easter? Was that some sort of cheeky rebellion?). Each pendant is set on a sterling silver jump ring; you can purchase an inexpensive chain for your pendant from VerreEncore or, of course, use your own.

I must say that despite my "crazy Pentecostal Protestant" roots, the Simple and Sweet green pendant is my favourite of the two. It's got to be the pretty shape, reminiscent of a flower (and I just love green). Still, the orange Moshi Moshi pendant is pretty, too, and a little more feminine with the flower motif. This one comes on its own nylon-coated stainless steel cable. $30 and $36, respectively.

There's a new episode of Good Eats on tonight, finally, so I'm going to curl up on the sofa with some hot tea and enjoy. Alton always makes us laugh.



Blogger Alicia said...

haha I just realized it was St.Patricks Day reading this now thanks! And great blog

Blogger txmom2jami said...

While we don't do anything "BIG" for St. Paddy's Day, we knew it was coming. Jami got white, orange, and green bands put on her teeth at her last orthodontist appointment, and I got AJ two new pairs of St. Paddy's boxer shorts (it's a weird thing, I've taken to buying him silly boxers for different holidays). What made it too perfect for words was the St. Paddy's Day card I found at Target. The cartoon shows an Irishman standing in front of a mirror with the title, "Time to Wear the St. Paddy's Day Boxers" and when you open it, the card whistles! How funny is that? He thought it was hysterical. :)

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