Exotic Loveliness
Skipping gaily through Etsy, the arresting work from Eninaj really captured my attention. Beautiful, isn't it? Haifa-based Janine Golbert is new to Etsy, but sure to do very will with her unique and outstanding designs. Each piece is made to order for you.

First of all we have the tattoo black silver necklace composed of sterling silver and laser-cut leather pieces in a fascinating necklace that will look almost like a tattoo. What a fun, interesting concept. $150.

Equally irresistible but more whimsical is this circle necklace featuring leather and silver pieces. It can be made in any colour you'd like, and the design is both fun and chic. Trust me, Target will never have anything this cool or wonderful! $97.



Blogger Cindy Swanson said...

OK...those necklaces are GORGEOUS.

It's been a while since I visited here, and I always chastise myself for not stopping by more often! You showcase such lovely things here.

By the way, hoping your birthday was wonderful! My firstborn, who is probably around your age, had his on March 27th.

Blogger Jen said...

Thanks, Cindy. :) It was a really nice birthday, thank you. Everyone gave me flowers for the garden!

All of these March birthdays...Hubby's is the 23rd. :)

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