It's wooden jewelry time again...

Isn't it always, though?

After a checkup appointment today, I ran to a certain popular store and wandered about while waiting for my medicine. They've already begun putting their summer goodies out: grills and gardening things, patio sets and fun outdoor lights, brightly coloured and whimsical dining sets (featuring the cutest little crabs), and even summery clothing. It's a little hard to take, seeing as it's still very chilly here when it was so very warm this same time last year, but we can dream (despite the cheery aspect of these things, I have to say it appears they're not selling well at all).

Still...it did put me in a semi-summery mood. That considered, this beautiful necklace is fitting, don't you think? Called the "Holey Moley", the beauty from Peggy Li stars a large tiger ebony pendant backed by a chorus of bright, warm coral beads. It's so beautiful and...summery! It makes me think of those fantastically sultry summer nights back home in Berkley, when I'd whip up a limeade and sit on the balcony with Remmy and a good book (which was generally ignored thanks to some blazing sunset), the scent of heat and grasses and flowers in the air. Or evening walks on the Montour Trail with Hubby.

Well, come up with your own fabulous warm-weather memory worthy of attachment to this lovely piece. $52 from Peggy Li. Her store is amazing, just wonderful, from this earth-toned necklace of totise turquoise and the lovely, graceful water lily earrings to her whimsical retro robot necklace and the sterling silver unicorn ring for your favourite "Napoleon Dynamite" fan, there's a lot to drool over. Peggy even offers custom clip-on earrings, a joy for those who can't have pierced ears.

She has one of those stores that's just plain fun to look at; her style is very unique but not over-the-top or brash. Whether you're a nature girl or a glamour girl, you're sure to find something fab at Peggy Li!



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