Free the hummingbirds!

A plague has gripped our great land...a dearth of hummingbirds. The forces of evil, purportedly led by the makers of Crocs, have entrapped these tiny little birds, stripping the land of the jewel-like avian nectar drinkers.

Fortunately, an array of brave Americans has joined together, their sole goal being the rescue and release of these exquisite creatures. Join them by donning one of the official, 100% combed cotton hummingbird release tees, available in small, medium, large, and extra-large for just $28. Join the team! Free the hummingbirds!

Actually (obviously), I just made all of that up thanks to the great antibiotics I've been on. But this is still a cute tee, and it's also available in a cozy, long-sleeved chocolate brown henley with the motif in candy pink (for those still-cool nights and campfire s'mores, just $34). There's even a onesie for your hummingbird-aware kiddo.

All from the fabulous minds at Circular Accessories!


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