Hand-Painted Summer Fun

Ideal for just about anything this summer, this handpainted circle skirt is a fantastic one-of-a-kind treat! The vintage piece needs to have a seam repaired, hence the low, low price of $5, but the nature of the skirt makes it worth the tiny amount of work you'll need to get it back into tip-top shape. The seller thinks the images — a dancing couple, a woman by a pool of water, a woman in a gondola-like craft, a man on a bronco, and a sombrero-wearing gent sitting against a cactus — were possibly filled in by hand after the gold "frames" were sprayed onto the paint. It's hard to say, but this is much more than a black skirt.

It'll fit a 30-31 inch waist, though the tie closures mean this is a bit adjustable.

Auction ends Saturday!



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