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Another vintage cutie for you from the fantastic closets of eBay, this one an NOS (new old stock - meaning it's vintage, but never worn) day dress from 1960 (ah, right on the cusp of cultural craziness and some clearly questionable sartorial selections).

What really caught my attention regarding this dress — other than the overall comeliness — is the pattern on it. At first glance, this seems to be a pretty demure, simple daydress like so many others. A closer look, though, reveals that atop the lightweight, minty-green pinstriped dress sit little chenille-like "arrows" and bright, turquoise-blue tufts. It's simple but fun, lending a spark of interest to this classic style.

The size 18 dress is also, believe it or not, Scotchguarded. How cool is that? The tag alone might be worth keeping, just for kicks. As you can see, it says "Penney's"; not sure if that means J.C. Penney's or another shop. The seller gives us measurements of 43-32-open hips.

Bidding starts at $24.99 and the auction ends this Sunday (May 4). Good luck!

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