Cute & Custom Maternity Wear

A few years ago, one of my very stylish girlfriends ran into a dilemma: an inability to find cute, comfortable maternity clothing. She always dressed beautifully, but suddenly that was becoming very difficult, even though she probably gained no more than 15 pounds during the pregnancy (I am not exaggerating, either...she was a beanpole from the day I met her!). Her railing against the hideousness of maternity wear made the rest of us laugh, but at the same time we of course felt badly for her. No one likes having nothing but 2 skirts, a dress, and 3 tops to choose from every day, especially in an image-dependent business like advertising (hence my leaving it, but that's another story).

This seems to be a common problem. A family member and friend were both agitated because they couldn't find pretty but baby bump-friendly dresses for our wedding 2 years ago. It seems that designers think having a developing infant change your body, mood, eating habits, and ability to watch a movie without having to run to the restroom every 15 minutes isn't enough; no, they must sell you "flattering" "clothing" that often consists of ugly prints, fabric left over from 1976, and tacky tee shirts. Perfect.

Clearly, the proprietor and designer at See Mommy Sew had the same problem, but she faced it head on by creating sweet, pretty A-line maternity skirts. Just $50, you select your favourite fabric from her very respectable selection of cotton prints, send in your size, and in a short time you'll receive your cotton muslin-lined skirt. The broad elastic waistband is covered with a soft cotton-lycra and sits beneath your belly. There is room to grow (obviously!) and can be worn even after the stork arrives. Custom-sized skirts are available, and the designer will even add appliques, rick-rack, lace, or anything you like (though of course that may come at an additional price).

See Mommy Sew is all about the fun baby stuff for Mommy and the kidlets; there are cute diaper bags and changing pads featuring Amy Butler fabrics, and even cute little woolen baby pants. Everything is just adorable, and See Mommy Sew is even kind enough to share a tutorial for her maternity skirt for those who want to make their own. Happy shopping!



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