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Well, we're back from our wedding anniversary trip. It was so beautiful and relaxing...and in a place to which we're already planning a return visit. Amazingly, the infection I've been battling for the past 2 months finally cleared up, a combination of the nuclear-grade antibiotics, the somewhat devilish concoction of hot V8 juice, Sriracha sauce, garlic, sea salt, and lemon juice, and the clear, fresh air where we vacationed. I breathed through my nose for the first time since late February; have you any idea how wondrous that feels? ;)

We had a marvellous time, including Benedict. It was his first vacation with us, and he clearly enjoyed being out in the woods. What he clearly did not enjoy was the car ride. This seems to be a collie thing; he drooled almost non-stop during the trip, meaning he got to drink out of his own cup of water in the car. Next time we'll try some Dramamine, because yours truly doesn't really enjoy getting a shower while fully clothed and in the Chevy. We do think he'll outgrow this; he's only 4 months old, and our neighbor down the street who owns three collies said the breed usually does get over the dislike of car trips. At any rate, Ben liked the destination very much, and it was fun to have him with us.

There's also a change here at Pretty/Modest...for the time present, I'm only going to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We have a lot going on at home, with the family in general, and with my business, so this being a hobby, it's going to take a slight back seat. Additionally, I really want to focus on clothing, but that's rather difficult as I also want to feature mostly indie designers and artists. There just aren't that many making clothing, and even fewer fitting into the criteria here.

So, on to the cuteness! This bright and cheery wristlet caught my eye while I skimmed through Etsy (about which I told several very interested folks while on vacation; funny how it comes up!). The colours are perfectly springy and happy, the design delightful and light. It's quite large for a wristlet, at 7 inches tall and 11.5 inches wide, but that makes it perfect for longer days when a full-sized handbag is just too much. Handmade by Joyce of JPs Accessories, it's $25. This red and white hibiscus-decked wristlet is equally pretty, and her orange suede-trimmed butterflies hobo bag is just adorable. Everything at JP's looks to be very well-constructed and crisply done. Perfectly finished, just in time for summer!

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it's great that you had a great time! and wow, those are really cute bags.

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