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Heather, artist extraordinaire and owner of Jeweled Elegance, never ceases to amaze me. Not only is she super-talented, she is super-nice and super-productive, too. As a writer, I guess I'm more of a reader, too, and that takes up what would otherwise be crafting time. Until I can hire someone with a wonderfully dulcet voice or train my computer to hijack George Takei's voice (no, really, the man has a terrific voice - take it from a former radio and ad agency girl) to sit and read news articles to me, I have to do it myself, and 'till then shall be held in thrall of those who pump out gorgeous crafty things with seemingly effortless skill. Of course, it is work, even for them, but...heck, even after I do train my computer I'll still be impressed by some of these folk.

Anyhow, I thought it was past time I featured Heather's work once again. Her shop is so varied - from whimsical, sweet treats to truly elegant, sophisticated pieces. Tonight there are two for you: one elegant, and one fun (but still elegant...funny how she works that angle...).

First up is this stunning, one-of-a-kind Mermaid's Pride necklace. I'll be honest with you: it stopped me in my tracks because it made me think of the (wonderful) book I've just finished, Perelandra. If the leading lady were to wear jewelry, this strikes me as exactly the sort of necklace she'd choose: it seems to be made from pieces of the sea itself, the shell like the reflection of the moon upon the waters, the double strand like the soft waves caressing the seashore. The necklace features amethyst accents and sterling findings. Handmade, $130.

Also irresistible, though in a different fashion, are these earrings featuring carnelian, new jade, and red mountain jade that
fairly seems to glow on their sterling wire. The gentle curves in the wire add a sophisticated touch to the cheery, fun colours that are simply perfect for the coming warm summertime. Another one-of-a-kind treat, these are $18.

Both from Jeweled Elegance, where you can also find Heather's latest stroke of wonderful, a fresh take on bird's nest necklaces you are really going to appreciate. Honestly, with Mother's Day just around the corner, I'm surprised she has any left, since they're a perfect gift for Mom! Heather has a new shop on Etsy you'll want to check out as well.

I was also tagged by a pal with a "Six Random Things" meme, which I promised to do yesterday but did not after being overwhelmed by other events. I won't tag anybody else, but feel free to play along and link back to me, letting me know! You just have to offer six random things about yourself, so...here goes.

1. We have finally, finally picked out the colours for our master bedroom! This has been an odyssey I'd rather forget, but...finally. If they look hideous, I don't care. We'll buy new bedding. This has gone on too long! Whew.

2. I still miss Remmy. A lot. Terribly. These past two weeks have been nearly as painful as the first few days after we had to let him go. I don't know why this is, but all there is left to do is trust God and know He has all in His hands, and He sees and even understands my hurting heart. Hubby is ready for a kitty, methinks, but...some days I am, and other days I'm not. So I wait. And just know Remmy is up there, knocking over God's wineglass and wondering where the marshmallows are hidden.

We're planning our garden now, and part of it will be a memorial garden for Rem, featuring blue flowers, to remind us of those sweet blue eyes of his.

3. Yes...I have eaten Nutella straight out of the jar. We all have our guilty pleasures. (Fortunately, Nutella is so rich and tasty, a little bit off the teaspoon is quite satisfying.)

4. My weekend treat is traditionally a "fancy coffee" from my two favourite coffee places: Caribou Coffee or Dunkin' Donuts, though the latter has fallen slightly from my good graces due to their inexplicable decision to hire Rachael Ray. There is not a Dunkin's for roughly an hour, and last month...they closed my Caribou! *sob* Back to my Mr. Coffee machine. It's just not the same...

5. Joseph and King David are my two favourite Biblical people other than Jesus. Joseph was just an all-around good guy who was abused, wronged, and seemed abandoned by God, yet he continued to trust in the Father and His faithfulness. Moreover, Joseph was such a tremendous man that after he'd been put in charge of the Egyptian prison for a while, it was considered strange for some of the inmates to be unhappy (no, really). David was just...David. He wasn't God's first choice, he was adulterous, conspired to murder a loyal man, his family became a disaster due to his adultery...yet he loved God so much, God considered David to be a man after his own heart. David's Psalms, of course, have brought comfort and joy to countless souls over the years.

Moses would have to be up there, too. He was willing to be separated from God for eternity so the Israelites wouldn't be punished for their sins. God called Moses "friend", which is definitely something to aspire to.

6. Jimmy Stewart is my favourite actor of all time, and "It's A Wonderful Life" my favourite movie. What would have been his hundredth birthday is May 20. "Harvey" is another terrific Jimmy movie, and we often pair it up for a night's viewing with Cary Grant in "Arsenic and Old Lace" Two very funny films, of the kind we'd never see come out of Hollywood today!

Have a great night!

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Blogger Sensuous Wife said...

Thank you, Jen, that was lovely!

Blogger Sensuous Wife said...

Oh Jen, I wanted to mention that I know how to make fancy coffee at home and while I dunno if mine can rival Caribou, it is likely to taste better than Mr. Coffee.

It's kind of a long thing to put in a comment so I'll post it on my blog just for you. :)

Blogger Jen said...

Ahhh, thanks, SW...I'll have to check it out! I do use good grounds (from Caribou, and Dunkin's and Chock Full O'Nuts on the cheap days), and the coffee isn't bad, but there is just something about the way they do it, I guess. Le sigh.

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