I'm so impressed by the beautiful things at Colorada. Tops, dresses, bags, skirts— even a skirt named after the book I'm reading right now. She combines vintage-inspired silhouettes with modern florals and fresh touches like satin or velvet ribbons, appliques, tiny ruffles, and fabric rosettes. When matched with quality fabrics and fine workmanship, you have beautiful products that are going to be comfortable and lovely to wear. Especially appreciated is the fact that the majority of her clothing covers well without being frumpy; indeed, I have to say the apparel sold is elegant and stylish, not dowdy. While the lines are simple, the designer has added the aforementioned feminine touches that contribute to the prettiness in a unique fashion without being garish.

The North Carolina-based Colorada's goods are made in a smoke-free, pet-free workshop, and the prices are very fair; dresses range from $30 - $150, with most being in the $35 - $55 range (the more highly-priced are clearly formal or wedding attire). Skirts are from $27 - $62. All things considered, particularly the apparent quality of the work, this is an extremely, extremely fair price for handmade clothing!

Colorada is a great place to shop if you want comely things in your closet. It appears that custom work is available, so if you have something special in mind or need an item already offered in a different size, I wouldn't hesitate to email!



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Wow, thank you for the great feature on my clothing! I am so excited to be listed in this blog! Great place to find lovely products and fun to read, too!

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