Fun Friday: Ah, whimsy
Novelty prints are a wonderful thing. These days, they seem to be be limited to kids' clothing, but diligent searching will scare them into the open. And thankfully, there are always vintage items made from these fun little prints available for squealing over and purchasing.

Tonight I found two darling treats from Snappy Shop. First, we have this button-front blouse, aptly titled The Cutest Blouse in Town. You have kitties, puppies, and bears literally dancing their way across while a puppy tries to escape his yard, kittens fly kites, bears are walking about with balloons, and everyone in general seems to be having a jolly, merry time. It's all rather fantastical, to tell the truth, but isn't that what we want sometimes? The blouse is actually a handmade, one of a kind item patterned after 60s blouses, and it is topped with vintage seashell buttons that have metal shanks. Mahvelous!

It will fit a medium: the bust is 36.5", the waist 32.5", and the hips 40". $32.

Also capturing my eye was this extremely joyful wrap skirt made up of several different whimsical fabrics, resulting in a very playful and delightful multi-coloured skirt sure to make plenty of folks around you smile. There are funny chefs, Eiffel towers, polka dots, gingham checks, florals, pups & kittens, musically-themed prints, elegant toile, and even sock monkeys adorning this skirt. Even the model wearing it seems to be having a blast!

To provide some continuity, the waistband is black. As a wrap, this flared skirt should fit a broad range of sizes; it's 42" across in total with 18" ties. I daresay just about anyone ought to be able to wear this, but no matter her size, she's sure to love every moment of being in it! Handmade with loving care, it's $52.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow, so no roto-tilling the spot we've selected for our garden just yet. *sigh* I have decided we'll be putting blueberry bushes in front, though; they're the right height and apparently make nice shrubs, turn a gorgeous blazing orange in the fall, and the branches themselves are a lovely hue. Best of all, though...our own blueberries! I very much want to have a veggie & fruit garden from whence we can gather much of our own food, at least as far as produce is concerned. And as much as I love food...it's a good idea. Anyone else ever done this?

Anyhow...see you Monday!

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