Warmth and Sleeveless

This time of year, when it can go from balmy to just a bit chilly rather quickly (such as in the time it takes one to run into Lowe's to grab fertilizer and out), it's nice to have a few pretty, sleeveless sweaters to turn to. Yes, you'll still have goosebumps on your arms, but it's amazing how keeping one's core warm helps prevent the sometimes inevitable collapse into a pathetic, shivering mass because, hey, it was 70 and climbing when you put this on, and there was no way you were going to believe the temperatures would truly drop to 59 the very same day!

Trust me, cozy sleeveless sweaters are a very good thing to have if you have decided to rebel against the winter a few days too soon.

Tonight we find a very pretty lilac sleeveless sweater, hand-knit with soft cotton blend yarn. If you're smart (or just don't have five thousand other things on your mind), you'll remember to grab that trusty fitted denim jacket for when it actually does get cold or, goodness forbid, you have to grab something from the arctic air-blasting supermarket cooler on your way home (brrrrr!).

From Iryna, it's $29 and a size small.

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