New Tradition
With the hope that y'all don't mind, I thought I start sharing a photo here every Friday (or perhaps Thursday, but it's Friday right now). Fear not, you'll still get your fun Friday treat, but...I am a photographer. More than that, though, I just love sharing the little things I see with people (hence the photography thing). Please enjoy the pictures, and if you don't mind my being a little self-promoting, they're all available as prints, too. Everything is hosted on Flickr, so if you'd like to see related pictures, just click the image.

All of the puppy porn can be found on my Flickr stream as well...

Anyhow, enjoy. :)

Miss Independent

Miss Independent

At Ash Cave park in Hocking Hills, Ohio. This tiny little flower was standing straight up in the middle of one of the walking paths.

Enjoy large.

Back with your Friday cute a bit later!

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Blogger kitkabbit said...

that delicate little flower is a rue anemone, anemone thalictroides ^_^

Blogger Jen said...

Why, thank you! I had no idea anemone even grew in Ohio!

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