Fun Friday: Time For Tea
Posting early tonight because I've actually got an early-evening shoot. It's actually a really fun thing, and I'm hoping it goes well while looking forward to it.

As some of you may recall, I have a kind of rare thyroid disease. On occasion, I will experience what is called a "thyroid storm", though perhaps it could more appropriately be called a "thyroid blowout" (that's what I call it). It just means I'm extremely weary, sometimes so badly that getting up is a grand endeavour. Remember "What Lies Beneath", and the drug Harrison Ford's character gave to his wife that left her fully conscious but virtually unable to move? That's a thyroid storm. Good times! Of course I push myself (which...the doctor...has repeatedly warned me not to do...but...) but it's no fun.

In addition to resting, I'm supposed to take care of myself by eating properly. Caffeine does nothing; one doctor has described trying to fix this as kicking a dead horse. Honest to goodness (this is based on actual personal experience): I can chug down an entire pot of coffee but still drop right off to sleep no matter where I am. It can be quite overwhelming and frustrating, not to mention pretty bizarre. You drink a pot of Dunkin' or Caribou coffee over the course of an hour and a half and tell me what happens to you. ;) But me? I could still fall asleep. Crazy.

(You know, I originally went to the doctor prior to being diagnosed because I was actually falling asleep in the car on America's autobahn, I-696, between the office and school. So in reality, it's quite serious left untreated. And it's only by God's grace and protection that I didn't hurt or kill others or myself.)

One thing, however, I have found extremely helpful: tea. Hot or iced, herbal teas help me feel better even though they've very little caffeine (I buy the decaf stuff when it's black tea). Besides, there's just something indescribably relaxing about brewing up the water, watching the leaves float into the pot, then finally being able to enjoy that steaming, tasty cuppa tea. I buy the vast majority of my tea from the fantabulous SBS Teas and use their amazing tea brewer set, but before I discovered the world of SBS and really smart tea-brewing, even dropping that teabag into the mug of hot water was calming. (People always ask me: which tea is good? My only legit answer can be: "All of them! They're all fantastic!" before I descend into cheerfully overexcited babbling.)

Those Brits are onto something, don't you think? When we Yanks ejected English rule, perhaps we should have retained the joys of tea. I mean, talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater...! I believe tea is still quite popular in India, but their shaking off the Empire happened a little differently.

Anyhow (speaking of babbling), this adorable teacup & saucer ring from Sypria is just about irresistible, isn't it? Just waiting for that squirt of lemon or drop of honey. Merely looking at this ring makes me feel a bit more relaxed (which is saying something today, trust me). Of course, anything that's a well-rendered tiny representation of the real thing is attractive to me, but in this case the subject matter is perfect. I suppose it could be coffee, too, but then that spoon needs a little daub of mint-chocolate chip ice cream (Dad often has ice cream with his coffee, and will dip the ice cream into his coffee before eating it, and...well, anyhow).

A pittance at $6, it's fully adjustable. Sypria has all sorts of cute things in her shop: miniature LP record earrings, playbill brooches, ice cream cone earrings, pretty bracelets, as well as a big, fat buy three, get one free sale. Not that her prices will break the bank, because they'll barely dent your wallet (just about everything is less than a gallon of gas).

Have a great weekend! I hope that summer has at last arrived for all.

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