Fun Friday: Mighty Mighty Red Wings Fun!

Well, my boys won their 11th, yes 11th Stanley Cup Wednesday night, much to the chagrin of our neighbors, 98% of the Pens fans who've spent the last few months mocking me as I took Benedict for walks while wearing my Wings jerseys. Suffice to say this was the only house on the block with screaming cheers emanating from the windows, but fortunately, no one complained.

To celebrate, I could not resist this beyond adorable, beyond cute octopus necklace from boygirlparty. Really, I want it for myself, but will share it with you because...look how cute the cephalopod is! Created from a line drawing by Susie Ghahremani, it has been cast in fine metal, including the suction cups...suction cups with which to hold the Stanley Cup...

On a removable ballchain necklace (so you can place it on a different chain if you so please), it's just $22. For my fellow Wings fans (and general hockey nuts), there's a whole collection of cute octopus things (this print would be SO cute in our still-naked entryway). If you're not so into the Wings, or hockey (!), or octopi, though, boygirlparty is chock-full of splenderiffic cute. I dare you to look and not find SOMETHING you like. Susie's main website is here.

Have a wonderful weekend, and do try to stay cool! Instead of imprisoning yourself with the AC (ugh), why not enjoy a book outside, go to the woods and hike around, or see a drive-in movie? It's going to be in the high 90s all weekend here, and the river makes it quite humid...I'll have to make some limeade tonight so it's chilled for tomorrow. ;)

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