Fun Friday: Anemone Wear
Well, all, I've no idea what to say about tonight's featured goodies from artist Keri Rounding than "Squeee!" and "How charmingly brilliant and delightful!" Her shop overfloweth with anemone-reminiscent rings, hairpins, brooches, and even necklaces. Everything is made from 100% merino wool which has been carefully felted into shapes similar to what you see here. Fun, quirky, unique, and sure to please, her items range from $5 - $20, an excellent price for marvellous work far different from other stuff out there.

Any of these pieces would make a wonderful gift for someone you love or yourself. I think the brooches and hairpins are my favourite, but I look forward to seeing a lot more terrific work from Keri!

Custom orders are more than welcome, and you can see if she'll be live and in-person at a show near you here (Keri, come to Pittsburgh!). She has some art pieces available as well.

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Blogger Bejeweled said...

Oh those are so fun and fresh! Love the hairpins!

It looks like your garden plan is coming together nicely! That is a lot of dirt!

And I see you have a new feline family member - Ben and Buckley look like such loving siblings in that photo. I bet the two of them playing together is a wonderful sight :)

Blogger Amy said...

those are SO unique & cute! I've been looking for fun summer hair accessories :-) Browsing etsy, I found these cute headbands too:

so much better than the boring hair clips I reach for all too often :-(

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