This mod's for you

What a fun top! A semi-convertible, this soft tricot tee can be worn either sleeveless or as a cap-sleeved tee. In addition to the fun mod print (if you think it's too wild for work, which I doubt, just throw a jacket over it), the neckline is highlighted with three sweet flowered beads. It's longer, too, and probably hits right about the hip area - but is cut long enough that it doesn't broaden them, just hangs down that low.

The base is white, but it's not see-through, so your sense of style, never mind your modesty, are preserved. A medium/large, it's just $28 and entirely handmade by The Screaming Needle.

In addition to other tops and apparel, you'll also find bags, brooches, art, and accessories like this earthy brooch. Screaming Needle is a wholly wonderful little shop, with very interesting and pretty little items.



Blogger Charity said...

Ooh, I love it. Absolutely adorable. Thanks for linking to my site, by the way. I appreciate it.

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