Pretty is as pretty does

A friend sent me a link to Bellissima! Modesty Boutique. She'd met the designers at a homeschool conference, if I recall, and was very impressed with their work and their mission. And let's face it: sometimes, a great mission can be obscured by not-so-great work or production. Thankfully, Bellissima! gets things right on both counts, in graceful and fun fashion. Owners and designers Marianna and Michelle have terrific taste and style with a flair for funkiness (in a good way, of course). They also understand that not everyone is a size 2 or willing to starve herself to attain that "status", and they've got a wonderfully wide range of sizes that don't make a 100-pound 5' tall woman go..."I'm an 'extra large'?" Even shipping is free! How fabulous is that?

I have to say I think my favourite items currently in the shop are the skirts. Though I am actually a decent sewer, I have to say it's discouraging to come to the end of the project and not be able to wear anything because I need help pinning up the hem into a straight line (scoliosis + curvaceous hourglass figure = help is a MUST when pinning that hem). There are a handful of 99% finished items hanging in the studio closet, just waiting for a hem to be finished. *sigh* So...why not buy someone else's already-hemmed skirt, right?

(Time to ply a neighbor with homebaked goodies, isn't it?)

Especially pretty are the three skirts shown here tonight. All are poly/rayon, except the red and green one, which is poly/Spandex (but obviously not THAT amount of Spandex, if you get my drift, 1987). They're simple and clean-lined, giving you a streamlined and slender look while still being modest and very pretty. The waistbands are stretchy for an easy fit, and they also allow you to change the length of your skirt a bit; that's something that would definitely come in handy when I'm on a shoot, and it's a terrific idea. The material is lightweight and flowy, ideal for summer (just don't forget your slip).

Amazingly, these skirts are just $16.99. $16.99 Wow!

I also feel it is incumbent upon me to direct you to this elegant pleated skirt in floaty golden fabric, perfect for a big evening out (or in...it's the time of year for both fun and sophisticated backyard parties, isn't it?). It, too, is offered at the ridiculously good price of $17.99. You'll also find ruffle-edged, denim, and other skirts. There's a nice selection of tops, adorable jackets, and other goodies. Everything is reasonably priced and reasonably sized, too.

Shown are "Dreamsicle", "Geometric Link", and "Red and Green Flower Summer" skirts.



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