Fun Friday: Non-offensive animal print
Yes, I know....an animal print that doesn't make your eyes bleed or remind you of leopard-print stretch pants from the 80s (or was it the 90s?). It's on this Ch-Ch-Cheetah handbag from The Sea Within. Bright splashes of colour create the jungle for black-and-white cheetahs on this marvellously colourful $39 bag. It's lined with a yummy, cheery red and has a magnetic snap.

Keep in mind that when you order from The Sea Within, your bag is often made then and no sooner.

The Sea Within offers many bags with cute prints for your day-to-day enjoyment. There's so much whimsy in this shop I'm not sure how you can browse it without cracking a smile.

Have a great weekend! 

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Blogger txmom2jami said...

...your bag is often made then and no sooner...

Too funny! Fresh fashion, nothing stale here! :)

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