Well, there was no way I could not feature this startlingly coloured necklace and pendant. And this is a good startling: the vibrant purple, green, and turquoise are so cheerful, so bold...it just makes me smile.

The blossom is handmade of polymer clay. I'm not too familiar with this medium, to tell the truth, but oftentimes...well, one gets tired of the whole millefiori look, which is possibly a horrid thing to say, except...it's true, and I always wondered why we didn't see more things done with the clay. Here we have it!

Seed beads and two candy jade beads finish off the necklace. Handmade by Tia of Jazzi Jewels, the necklace is $46.

There's a lot in the shop, like this irresistible Lemon Drops necklace, and for something more subtle in tone but still fabulous when it comes to style, there's the caramel-y Gobstoppers bracelet, with big carnelian beads and tiny turquoise rounds. Yum!

Tia's  shop is brand new to Etsy, but she has so many cool things, such a variety of work, I'm sure she'll find many fans without much trouble.



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