Orange Dream

Well, I wasn't here Friday, but I also dropped out (temporarily!) last night; we had some landscaping that needed to be worked on, and by the time we got back in it was late and hot and...Well. *sigh*  Sorry...

To make up for it, though, check out this confection of a dress. A vintage Henry Rosenfeld, were this not orange, you wouldn't be seeing it here because I'd be bidding on it! The stripe, the pleating, the collar, the colours...Oh, it's lovely and darling and sweet, perfect for just about anything you endeavour to do or take part in this summer. 

It's a soft fabric, but also sheer, so you'll need a nice slip or even petticoat underneath. The bodice is perfectly pleated while the rest of the dress just...flows.  (There are pleats at the waist to give the skirt more poofy wonderfulness.)  

This beauty is unbelievable...Three mother-of-pearl buttons march up the front of the bodice, adding a little sparkle, which of course can be added to with pearls of your own.  Obviously, the cut and print (as it were) are very flattering, too.

The voile scarf you see as a belt is included with the dress; it could be used as a scarf or, if you have a belt for this one, you could always make the scarf into a headband or other accessory (or put it on your dog, I don't care). This is probably a small or medium, with measurements of 38-30-full.  Bidding ends July 14, and begins at just $19.50. Really, there's not a thing wrong with this lovely dress...other than blondes just don't look good in orange. ;)

Good luck!

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Blogger Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Jen...I just wanted to let you know that I realized today that I failed to hyperlink to "Pretty/Modest" in my post, although I did link to "Shining City." I just corrected it, though. (You are on my sidebar,too)

That post is getting some good comment and link love. I was happy to showcase such a lovely blog and lovely person! :)

Blogger Jen said...

Oh, Cindy, that's funny...lol I understand. For obvious reasons I keep the two blogs separate. Thanks again for the linkie love, though! I truly appreciate it. :)

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