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Sorry this is a bit late tonight, but after a day of running we had a little local neighborhood thing to attend, and have just returned home! We live in such a very nice part of the country; everyone is so friendly and kind. After the main part of the event, we spent the rest of our evening chatting with a lawyer couple, a doctor, and a father-and-son construction team, as well as the very nice owner of a wine shop. 

I have to say that Pittsburgh, where we lived for a year and a half after our marriage, is full of very shy, very cautious people, so it's a relief to be back in a place where people are more easygoing and openly friendly! I miss that about my hometown in the Detroit area, so it was hard to tear myself away...but since we were among the very last group of people to leave the event, I should have the tank filled for a while.

(In all honesty, our neighborhood is so "Leave it to Beaver" one expects to see a young Cleaver tearing down the street at any moment, and our neighbors are all marvellous, but after a year and half of a town peopled with socially reticent, uncertain, and careful types, it's a blessing to be where we are now, and I seem to be making up for that lost time.)

Now on to the cute...please forgive me if I seem tired!

Whether you want something as simple as silver filigree dangling earrings or things a little more artistic, New Hope Beads' shop is a fine place to stop. Among my favourite pieces is this Desert Moon bracelet (above), with its complimentary, soothing colours so nicely set off by the Israeli sterling silver beads. The coloured pieces are made of African Turquoise Jasper, Swarovski crystals, and Nambian Amazonite. The blue and chocolate are so very lovely together, and certain to be very pretty with your summer (and fall, and winter, and perhaps even spring) items. You know I love seeing colours paired with chocolate, particularly soft blues, greens, and pinks, so it was hard to pass this up; besides, the chocolate really grounds the airier blues and silvers here. $53, one-of-a-kind, and is customizable to your size if necessary.

I also feel it is important to point out to you this mother of pearl necklace. I have a similar piece, though mine features an undoubtedly dyed piece of shell; it's a precociously bright and undeniably cheerful lime green. Regardless, I wear it very frequently because of its simplicity in shape and design, and this necklace from New Hope Beads is quite similar; therefore, it is a good buy as a wardrobe builder.  

Being  mother of pearl, it brings a lightness to whatever you are wearing without being frivolous or funky. Indeed, as a piece made of natural material, it 'grounds' what you are wearing at the same time it brings a sense of freedom and lightheartedness (think "beach", though it doesn't scream it). Since this is in its original, God-given colour and strung on black satin with sterling accents, this is an especially good piece of jewelry, wearable with nearly everything and admissible everywhere.  Just $22, a great price for something you will wear — trust me — a whole lot.

These pretties and many, many more (including an almost irresistible coral-turquoise piece) from artist Connie at New Hope Beads. Part (or all, I'm not quite sure) of the proceeds from your purchase go to God's Pantry, an organization that helps feed the hungry.



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