Beautiful, From Turkey

Wow. Popping onto Etsy this evening, I was greeted by this beautiful ring and simply had to see more. My click-through was well-rewarded; Star of the East has some beautiful, exotic, borderline glorious jewelry. 

The $59 ring, for example is made from a sea urchin found on the seashore. Yes, you read that right: a sea urchin. After being collected, it was cleaned, filled with polyurethane foam, covered with epoxy for protection, and then...well, decorated. And well-decorated, too. Silver thread and a rhinestone were added before the unique cabachon was set onto a detailed, handmade sterling silver ring. Spectac-u-rama! Isn't it gorgeous? Elegant? And oh-so-different.  Coordinating earrings are also available for $37.

Several more sea urchin and seashell rings are available at a broad range of prices (roughly $30-$60). I know that is a wee bit on the pricey side, but for what you are getting...no. It's worth it. Talk about Creation at your fingertips!  There are also some delightfully charming rings, like this one that reminds me of a garden. This mother-daughter team is coming up with some spectacular stuff!

Star of the East has so many beautiful things...it's going to take a while to thoroughly peruse and enjoy the shop. It's one of those where just window-shopping is an experience well worth taking the time for. Also be sure to check out their blog, where a giveaway is going on, their supplies shop, and their more eclectic Gifts & Stars shop.

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