Elegance for your Monday
Though you know I won't be a fan of a long-sleeved top in August (or June, or July, or even most of September), this aqua and brown skirt from Taqwa Iman is just about as irresistible as a fancy chocolate. The Batik-style print is fun and cheerful, but the simple A-line of the skirt with its hidden zipper is marvellously elegant and sophisticated. 

Certainly you could wear it to work or church, but I think this beauty offers many other possibilities, especially when paired with a beautiful pair of shoes (perhaps these; keep it simple, because of the intricate print) and a lovely fitted top. On sale for $37.99!

If you're not into aqua and chocolate (!!!), the skirt does come in several other colours: black and white, chocolate and sage, and pink and black. Very pretty, very simple...and that's what makes it so perfect.

Have a wonderful night!



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