Lemon Ice from Funky Frum
The colour of this skirt from Funky Frum is a very soft, enticing shade of yellow. It makes me think of meringue pie, or lemon sherbet, or an old Buick (hey...it's me here, you know). As a blonde, it's not advisable for me to wear yellow by my face, lest I appear to be dying of some tropical disease. But that hasn't stopped me from wearing this cheeriest of colours, and why should it? This skirt, at $39, is a great wardrobe-builder that gives you a tremendous splash of colour.

Made of cotton-poly-Lycra, this skirt's waistband is flatteringly thick and actually has tummy control incorporated into it. If nothing else, it will make it uncomfortable to eat more than one ought, right? The skirt is an attractive and modest length, and definitely looks like it will have that feminine swish-and-swirl about it.

Also available in black and heather grey, the versatile, wear-anywhere-and-everywhere skirt comes in a broad size range as well, from zero to twelve. 



Blogger txmom2jami said...

Cute skirt, for sure! I love all the goodies in their shop, but always come away feeling hungry - is it my imagination, or all the items listed named after sweet confections? I've a sweet tooth the size of Texas, so I'm very susceptible to the power of suggestion. LOL!

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