Adorable dress from Delia's
Though I do prefer to feature indie stuff, sometimes there is no resisting mass-made apparel. For one thing, there are a lot more modest items available mass-market than there are in the indie market (speaking of, there's a thread on the Etsy forums where someone asked what people would like to see more of on Etsy, and "modest clothing" was mentioned several times; designers, take note!).   Additionally, mass market means more of the item, whereas on Etsy, often there are only a handful of them. That can be nice, of course, but only if it's in your size, colour, and you get there first, right? And to tell the truth, the size range on Etsy tends to be child through fourteen year-old a little too much of the time (not that you should stop looking, because there are some great designers making normally-sized clothing).

Anyhow, tonight's dress is from Delia's, a company I admittedly tend to associate with a sort of grungy college look; not really my style. Still, I somehow received a promotional email the other night, and I thought this was just the cutest thing. The kinda-square neckline, of course, is definitely something that will catch my eye, but the whole dress is very feminine and sweet. It's a bit short for my own wearing, but I have very white, Irish legs, and it really wouldn't be difficult at all to add a longer ruffle at the bottom to either replace or double-ruffle to lengthen this darling dress.

The Alyssa dress is made of swiss dot cotton (I think), and features buttons up the front and those delightful ruffles. The cap sleeves make this a perfect go-to for fall and spring, even the chillier days; just bring a sweater along. There's a tie at the waist for a better fit, and the dress comes in dark blue and classic black (personally, I'd go for the blue, but that's me). 

$44.50, and in sizes 00 to 13/14; Delia's size chart is here, and it's relatively forgiving. This dress, on the other hand, needn't be forgiving, because with its classic A-line skirt, fitted bodice, cap sleeves, and those ruffles I keep coming back to, it's going to play up all of your best features without revealing anything that oughtn't be. Pretty, ladylike, and modest...just what we like to see!



Blogger txmom2jami said...

You hit this one out of the park, Jen. Absolutely adorably modest without even the slightest bit of frump to be seen for miles. It's a little youthful for this Texas mom, but I would love to see Jami in something like this in a year or two. Very sweet without being sappy. Two thumbs up!

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