Friday Extra

I know this is supposed to be fun Friday, but I saw these two perfectly lovely dresses on eBay, noted they were in difficult-to-find larger sizes...they had to be shared.

First up is this remarkable lavender dress that simply must have a fascinating history behind it. Purchased at a Hollywood studio auction, this linen-rayon beauty has embroidery along the topside of each sleeve and right up the back. Beautiful! I've seen nothing like this, but can just imagine Mitzi Gaynor or Donna Reed or even Marilyn decked out in it. Don't you just wonder for whom it was originally purchased, and why it wasn't used? Hmmm...

The exceptionally interesting embroidery aside, this frock is flatteringly cut, with cuffed sleeves, a pretty (but modest) V-neck collar, and an A-line skirt. The belt is included, as are the union-made labels.

If it were closer to my size, it would be mine. As it is, though, the dress, which appears to have never been worn, is a 38/40-34-44.  Bidding starts at $25 (there is a reserve) and the auction ends Sunday. This is definitely one worth having...it's marvellous.

 Also seen is this moire taffeta dress from the 40s. Again: fabulous cut, a stand-up collar, and really a really unique drape on the pockets. Though there are a couple of missing buttons and a few spots of sun-fading, I think these can be pretty easily remedied. 42-33-44, and bidding begins at $9.99.

Happy bidding, and have a wonderful weekend.



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