Well, I seem to have somehow contracted the flu. Even so, though, you can check out the end-of-summer (*sob*) sale at Femmina Style and Shade,  clearance at Christa-Taylor, or the new fall duds at Funky Frum?

And watch out for the flu.

In August!

So uncool.


Blogger txmom2jami said...

I have such a hard time thinking of this as the end of summer ... it is still in the 90's here and will be through mid to late September. Then another month or so of 80's and upper 70's. We might start seeing the 60's in October. I'm sorry you're under the weather, dear ... I know you'd rather be out enjoying the warmth while it lasts. Get some rest and take care. Hugs--

Blogger Charity said...

Feel better! I hate being sick in the summer. Hope it passes soon.

Hope you feel better!

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