M is for Marvellous!
Wow. Wearing this cotton-and-wool be-bowed cardigan would make me look worse than death warmed over, since yellow isn't my colour at all, but...darn! is this cardigan not wonderfully darling? From Modcloth, the cardigan has soft and ladylike puffed sleeves, not to mention the shimmery trim and buttons. And the bow! What a perfect top-off to a perfect (well, except for that colour, for me at least) sweater. Perfect with everything, everything from jeans to skirts, this retro cutie is just $54.99.

I suppose the fair-skinned among us who can't wear yellow can always console ourselves with this blouse, right?

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Blogger Betty Beguiles said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for the tip! I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. Thank you! :)

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