Beauty in all things

Well, this isn't exactly the kind of thing everyone in the world is going to see, but I'm a big believer in surrounding oneself with order and loveliness. It makes us feel better, more joyful, and it also encourages us (in my opinion) to look more carefully at the world around us, since our eyes and minds are already primed toward beauty. 

So there is nothing wrong with pretty little accessories and goodies; even during the Great Depression people did their best to bring beauty and grace into their lives. Indeed, I'd say that they were better at it then we are (based on my wanderings at a few fantastic antique shops this weekend).  As a matter of fact, inventories of the Pilgrims' things onboard ship notes that they had bed linens, valances, and pillows of various colours. Black and white, my tail. 

This darling zippy pouch from Carissa Black's shop of bags & accessories is a perfect example. It's useful but very pretty and attractive, and reminds me of the forget-me-nots blooming in our front yard (in Remmy's memorial garden). Not ostentatious, it's still attractive and the sort of thing that'll bring a twinkle of happiness to your heart every time you pull it out of your handbag. It's big enough for change, cash, your credit and business cards, makeup, tissues, cough drops...whatever! And at just $7, it's not a splurge by any stretch of the imagination, is it?

Also in Carissa's shop, you'll find wristlets, checkbook covers, totes, and other fine goodies along with a cheerily-coloured and patterned collection of zip pouches. Everything is very well-priced and looks to be very well-made, too. The fabrics she chooses are delightful, and I think you'll really like her shop.



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