The tops at SewMoe really captured my attention today. These long-sleeved ones, like this teal meets tan tee, have a really...hm...well, it's just an elegant flair, don't you think, with that collar? It reminds me of something British queens wore — you know, the big collars? Obviously this is a bit more daily-life friendly, of course, but it's definitely a unique look and one I find especially attractive. With the long sleeves, they're perfect for the wonderfully crisp fall days fast approaching, and for the not-so-wonderfully bitterly cold days that tend to follow autumn. Forecasters are and have been predicting one of the coldest winters in years, so perhaps now is the time to stock up on warm duds! 

This $40 top, handmade, is made of thin cotton jersey. Personally, I tend to wear a cami beneath long-sleeved tees in winter anyhow, and that is probably what you'll want to do in this case. (Your neck will be warm, though.) It is a medium/large, but other sizes and custom sizes are available (the bust and hips on this are 41 with  a waist of 33).  You'll want to check out some of the other long-sleeved tees, like this adorable one with a retro-style owl collar. Also at SewMoe are pretty little short-sleeved tops with button details on sleeves and wonderful dresses like this one with green polka dots. It might not really be appropriate for winter, but if you throw a snuggly sweater over it, you'll probably be just fine and no one will know you're wearing a sleeveless dress. 



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