Fun Friday: Redbirds for your hair
Oh, the colour of these swallow hair pins is just so rich, isn't it? These pretty birds are a lovely currant  red, and shiny enough that an experimental nibble could be very tempting.  These pretty little doo-dads for pulling back unruly strands or adding a little extra interest to a chignon (for me, that is when this kind of thing is doing double duty) from VeryVintage are just $5, and made from vintage cabachons.

Available in a plethora of colours, the pins come prettily packaged in a gift box, meaning they're ready to go if meant to be a gift, and adding that extra-special touch if they are something you need for an upcoming wedding or just "my hair is driving me crazy, it needs to be pulled back" days. Best of all, at $5, these are a very pretty and very sweet gift for just about anyone on your list, and likely to be quite appreciated.

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Oooo, pretty...
It's not often we see a denim skirt as pretty as this one, but Funky Frum has us covered (literally).  The deep blue is elegant and grown-up, but it's denim, so...it's comfy. How about that!  It has a little bit of flare and very attractive contrasting stitching about the hips and hem — so cute. Denim skirts are extraordinarily  versatile, and this one will add a bit of femininity to an American classic.

$63, and in sizes 10-14. However, since they seem to think most women have only a 4" waist-to-hip differential, chances are you can buy one of these sizes and take it in if necessary (I'd have to go six full sizes up to fit my hips though my waist is small, so this girl would definitely be at her sewing machine - what is that all about? Oh well...). Regardless, this is an adorable skirt for all seasons and almost all events. 


The tops at SewMoe really captured my attention today. These long-sleeved ones, like this teal meets tan tee, have a really...hm...well, it's just an elegant flair, don't you think, with that collar? It reminds me of something British queens wore — you know, the big collars? Obviously this is a bit more daily-life friendly, of course, but it's definitely a unique look and one I find especially attractive. With the long sleeves, they're perfect for the wonderfully crisp fall days fast approaching, and for the not-so-wonderfully bitterly cold days that tend to follow autumn. Forecasters are and have been predicting one of the coldest winters in years, so perhaps now is the time to stock up on warm duds! 

This $40 top, handmade, is made of thin cotton jersey. Personally, I tend to wear a cami beneath long-sleeved tees in winter anyhow, and that is probably what you'll want to do in this case. (Your neck will be warm, though.) It is a medium/large, but other sizes and custom sizes are available (the bust and hips on this are 41 with  a waist of 33).  You'll want to check out some of the other long-sleeved tees, like this adorable one with a retro-style owl collar. Also at SewMoe are pretty little short-sleeved tops with button details on sleeves and wonderful dresses like this one with green polka dots. It might not really be appropriate for winter, but if you throw a snuggly sweater over it, you'll probably be just fine and no one will know you're wearing a sleeveless dress. 


Fun Friday: For the wanderer (or lost) in you
When Dad sees this one, I know he's going to laugh. You see, your correspondent has a tendency to get lost. Breathtakingly lost. The first time I drove out to visit now-Hubby in Pittsburgh, I was got so badly lost on the way home it added about 3 hours to my return trip. 

So it's safe to say that this compass ring would definitely come in handy for someone like me (provided she remembered to wear it). Of course, it might also come in handy for hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing trips, don't you think? But if someone asks whether you get lost often, you can just flash them a winning smile, laugh, and say, "Not when it comes to style!"

Just $6 from Aoi's Art, where you'll also find adorable things like this singing donut stuffie for baby girls, a pretty rose ring,  and a very happy felt tortellino pasta.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Beauty in all things

Well, this isn't exactly the kind of thing everyone in the world is going to see, but I'm a big believer in surrounding oneself with order and loveliness. It makes us feel better, more joyful, and it also encourages us (in my opinion) to look more carefully at the world around us, since our eyes and minds are already primed toward beauty. 

So there is nothing wrong with pretty little accessories and goodies; even during the Great Depression people did their best to bring beauty and grace into their lives. Indeed, I'd say that they were better at it then we are (based on my wanderings at a few fantastic antique shops this weekend).  As a matter of fact, inventories of the Pilgrims' things onboard ship notes that they had bed linens, valances, and pillows of various colours. Black and white, my tail. 

This darling zippy pouch from Carissa Black's shop of bags & accessories is a perfect example. It's useful but very pretty and attractive, and reminds me of the forget-me-nots blooming in our front yard (in Remmy's memorial garden). Not ostentatious, it's still attractive and the sort of thing that'll bring a twinkle of happiness to your heart every time you pull it out of your handbag. It's big enough for change, cash, your credit and business cards, makeup, tissues, cough drops...whatever! And at just $7, it's not a splurge by any stretch of the imagination, is it?

Also in Carissa's shop, you'll find wristlets, checkbook covers, totes, and other fine goodies along with a cheerily-coloured and patterned collection of zip pouches. Everything is very well-priced and looks to be very well-made, too. The fabrics she chooses are delightful, and I think you'll really like her shop.


M is for Marvellous!
Wow. Wearing this cotton-and-wool be-bowed cardigan would make me look worse than death warmed over, since yellow isn't my colour at all, but...darn! is this cardigan not wonderfully darling? From Modcloth, the cardigan has soft and ladylike puffed sleeves, not to mention the shimmery trim and buttons. And the bow! What a perfect top-off to a perfect (well, except for that colour, for me at least) sweater. Perfect with everything, everything from jeans to skirts, this retro cutie is just $54.99.

I suppose the fair-skinned among us who can't wear yellow can always console ourselves with this blouse, right?

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Fun Friday: Fused Fun
Well, after all the excitement of the conventions, Hubby and I are going to enjoy ourselves at home with The Big Country. A William Wyler film (he's the man who directed Ben-Hur), it stars Charlton Heston, Gregory Peck, Burl Ives, and some jaw-dropping cinematography and landscape. Indeed, the landscape alone makes this one worthwhile; you'll melt to see these vistas. Hubby missed it, though, and I enjoyed it, so we're watching again tonight thanks to the wonder of Netflix. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a good movie. One of the female leads is a really weak link in the film, to the point of being exasperating; I'm not sure if it is because the character is somewhat annoying of the actress is bad. It seems to be a little of both. Overall, though, it is an excellent movie and highly recommended. Plus...Heston and Peck? What more could we ask? (Some excellent horses, too, especially Heston's mount.)

So that's us tonight. But first...how about these darling, whimsical rings from the Polka Dot Glass Shop?  They're irresistible. Though my eyes first fell upon the bird ring, which drew me into the shop, I've fallen a little bit in love with the adorable, sweet, winsome little green pear elf ring. The preciously semi-surprised face! The darling little pinwheel on his jolly little dotted cap! And of course the green is delightful, too, but I've never been one capable of resisting a juicy bright green. 

Both pieces are handmade of fused glass, and securely attached to white gold-plated rings. The bird is $10, and our jolly elf is $12. There's plenty more at the Polka Dot Glass Shop, including pendants featuring critters, cityscapes, gnome houses, and retro televisions (including one that makes me think of an apple).

Have a great weekend!

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A Fall Favourite
Thanks so much for all of your concern about my health! I'm feeling much better. Ugh! Summer flu...thank goodness it didn't last terribly long, and better yet, wasn't the "green at the gills" kind of flu (just the "ouch, my bones are burning and melting within me" kind). Whew!

I'm not sure what it is about fall, but it seems to me that autumn always means headbands begin to make themselves seen once again. Perhaps they're like deer, apple cider, and pumpkins: they're at their best in the fall. Maybe it's simply that we spend a lot of time outdoors in the fall, watching football games, enjoying the fall colours, and picking apples, and with colder weather comes stronger winds; headbands keep the hair a little neater. Whatever it is, though, it's fall now, and yes, the headbands are peering around corners and watching us from the still-beleafed trees, waiting for their moment to really arrive.

If you're in the market for some new ways to dress up your locks (or just keep them from blowing into your caramel-dipped apple), Stylish Mode is going to have you more than covered. Though this retro mod one caught my eye, there's plenty to choose from: pretty plaids, more traditional florals, stripes, dots, ethnic prints, paisleys — even martini-loving kitties, retro martini glasses, and sheet music. Headbands range from $6-12, though some are more scarf-like headbands than your classic headband style.

One thing I like about these is that they go all the way around your head, courtesy of hidden elastic in the back of the band. Continually re-adjusting the placement of one's headband because it slides over hair so easily is not a great way to spend the day at the office or the homecoming game, is it? All of the headbands are machine washable, fully reversible, and the artist is more than happy to make a headband larger or smaller if necessary (they'll fit a noggin 21-23" around).

Stylish Mode also offers cute and funky ponytail holders as well as fashionable, chic key fobs and lanyards.