Fun Friday: Redbirds for your hair
Oh, the colour of these swallow hair pins is just so rich, isn't it? These pretty birds are a lovely currant  red, and shiny enough that an experimental nibble could be very tempting.  These pretty little doo-dads for pulling back unruly strands or adding a little extra interest to a chignon (for me, that is when this kind of thing is doing double duty) from VeryVintage are just $5, and made from vintage cabachons.

Available in a plethora of colours, the pins come prettily packaged in a gift box, meaning they're ready to go if meant to be a gift, and adding that extra-special touch if they are something you need for an upcoming wedding or just "my hair is driving me crazy, it needs to be pulled back" days. Best of all, at $5, these are a very pretty and very sweet gift for just about anyone on your list, and likely to be quite appreciated.

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Blogger Amanda Flynn said...

Hello! SewMelody from Etsy pointed me to your blog and I must say that it is delightful! It is always a huge encouragement to me when I find modest, feminine fashion blogs (I'm off to look at your list and I will definitely add you to my blogroll).

I run a fashion and style blog at: http://www.amandabethonline.blogspot.com and am also starting a Modest Fashion Bloggers Network at BlogCatalog - would love for you to join! :)

God bless!

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