A Very Yummy Tee
Ah, this darned Blogger beta. It's been acting funky all day! Why do I insist on posting? Well, in addition to being dedicated...I've got a fabulous cold. Whoopee! Otherwise we'd be at Sewickley's Christmas festival tonight, eating roast chestnuts and taking a horse and carriage ride. But that's no fun when one is obliged to carry around a box of Kleenex, so...anyhow. On to the cute, shall we?

"Yum" is about the best thing I can say about this shirt - for some reason it reminds me of a raspberry truffle. Pink and brown is such a chic combination - if I say so myself, having used those very colours at our wedding in April (with a splash of pale greens for accent and to prevent "fall syndrome"). ;) Michelle Smith takes advantage of this classic mix with her Sophia shirt. The brown ribbed shirt is fitted with a pretty, silkscreened flower design. It's just a little bit off the shoulder, making it great for holiday parties of all sorts as well as general hanging out - maybe an all-out "Cranium" tourney? And, of course, you can add a pretty pale green necklace, or perhaps something in pink or black if it's a more formal event. Best of all, this lovely comes in sizes from small to extra large! And the low price - just $25 - make it a great gift option, too.

Available at Michelle Smith's store. She also sells accessories, stationery, and home goods, as well as donating 10% of each purchase to WILFund, an organization that helps women in impoverished nations become self-employed. Sounds like an all-around good deal to me!



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